Shahbaz Sharif's China Visit: A Critical Examination of CPEC's Future

Shahbaz Sharif's China Visit

Shahbaz Sharif's China Visit: A Critical Examination of CPEC's Future


Shahbaz Sharif's visit to China is another desperate attempt to save CPEC. Shahbaz Sharif went to China on a four-day visit. What would he do in China? In this article, we will try to find the answers to these questions. 

Meeting with Political and Business Leaders

Shahbaz Sharif is meeting with different political and business leaders in China. He is requesting the same thing that they should invest in Pakistan, and we are ready to provide safe security. But it's part of history, our Prime Minister keeps going to China and saying that we will give security, we will take all measures for it, we will ensure foolproof security, but then there is an attack on the Chinese in this whole matter. Therefore, the Chinese do not believe us. 

Apart from this, there is a list of MoUs, memorandum of understanding, they are signed every time. Whether it is Nawaz Sharif's or Shahbaz Sharif's or Kakar's, every person signs the MoU and goes away. The MoU is not a deal. Sometimes many MoUs are signed but there is no work on them. 

Shahbaz Sharif’s Visited Huawei

Additionally, Shahbaz Sharif visited Huawei and said that Huawei has made great progress and we want to cooperate with Huawei. The PM is also telling them that they should work with Huawei and provide training to our students. But Huawei is making new deals from all over the Middle East, meaning Middle East companies are ditching American companies for Huawei and we are saying to Huawei, let's teach some of our children and Installing cameras for safe city purposes, this is what we are requesting from back, which is a top telecommunication company in the world, a top IT company. 

Shahbaz Sharif’s Visited Shenzhen City

Then Shahbaz Sharif visited China's Shenzhen City which is the most developed city in China. There is a story and the first economic zone was built in China, it was built in Shenzhen and it is a port area. Development started here, many economic zones, factories were built here. China had developed tremendously from the same area. Shahbaz Sharif went there and acknowledged himself that the GDP of this small area is 500 billion dollars, while the GDP of the whole of Pakistan is 350 billion dollars. I believe that this is a slap in the face and this is just a crying thing. 

It means that there was a time in the 60s that we used to give business plans to China. The State Bank of Pakistan used to provide policy guidance to the Central Bank of China in the 70s and 80s, I don't know what happened that we, who were the Asian tigers, became wet cats and those who were far behind us went far ahead and Pakistan ranks fourth in every worst in the world, meaning below. 

A Critical Analysis

Wherever he is passing through, he is singing about the progress of China and is planning to replicate this in Pakistan. How will he replicate it? Dude, do you have any infrastructure set up here, any level plunk field, any business friendly environment that you will replicate, you don't know what system is there in the country? You don't even know whether your government is original or a copy and you are saying that we will copy the development of China. 

Most Pakistani businessmen are shifting their investment outside the country because of political instability and security reasons. then why Chinese investment will come to Pakistan because they are already feeling unsafe in Pakistan. 

Furthermore the PM claimed that there are reserves of 10 trillion dollars, which we want to exploit, together with China, you have done no less exploration in Gilgit-Baltistan with the Chinese. Now their meeting will be held by the Chinese President Xi and now we are waiting for the joint statement of both of the countries whether China is ready to work with us or not. 

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