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AIML and Shimla Deputation

All India Muslim League and Shimla Deputation (1906)


  • Lloyd George (The British Prime Minister) came into power. He wanted to give all the rights to the locals (Muslims and Hindus) in India.
  • The Muslim leadership under the command of Sir Agha Khan met with Viceroy and after the meeting, Shimla Depution came into being.

Shimla Deputation (1906)

It was a meeting between the 35 Muslim leaders that Sir Agha Khan led met with the British Viceroy in Shimla. The following were the demands of Muslims in Shimla Deputation:

Demands of Muslims

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s Efforts for Muslims 

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's efforts to improve relations with the British paid off because of his education struggles. His struggles became important for the Muslims and therefore the British were willing to grant concessions to Indian Muslims. So from here, we can say that the struggles of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan were very successful. 

Demanded Separate Electorate

In this deputation, the Muslims of the subcontinent demanded a separate electorate

1/3rd Representative Quota for the Muslims

The Muslims demanded a 1/3rd representative quota for the Muslims of the subcontinent in the Indian legislation. 

Jobs Quota

They also demanded job quotas in different government institutions like the bureaucracy etc. Therefore, with this deputation, the Muslims protected their economic rights. 

Demanded to Make MAO College into a University

They also demanded to make the Muhammadan Anglo College into a University. It was made a university in 1920.

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All India Muslim League (1906)

The All-India Muslim League was established in Dakha in 1906 for the Muslims of the subcontinent. It was the first political party of Muslims, under which they continued their political freedom struggle. The following are the objectives and aims of the All India Muslim League party:

Objectives of All India Muslim Leauge

Protect the Rights of Muslims:

This party was established in order to protect the rights of Muslims in the subcontinent. In past, the Muslims experienced different events like (Hindu-Urdu Controversy) in which Congress supported Hindus. However, there was no voice for the support of Muslims. Therefore, the Muslims in India make their political party for the political, social and economic interests of India.

Better Relations With Hindus:

The other most important objective of the All India Muslim League was to establish better relations with Hindus and the Congress. More precisely, the Muslims wanted to avoid all kinds the political and religious conflicts with Hindus because from conflicts both the parties got hurt and no one took benefit from it. Therefore, establishing friendly relations with Hindus, it was not possible without a political party. 

Ensure Better Relations With the British:

In order to make a friendly relationship with the British the Muslims needed a strong political party. More importantly, the Muslims wanted to support the British government and secure their own political rights (make demands). Therefore, for a cooperative and friendly relationship, the Muslims make their own political party which is called the All India Muslim League.

Forerunner for Pakistan Movement:

All India Muslim League party was fundamental in the creation of Pakistan. If there was no political party of Muslims in the subcontinent then they couldn't create their state. The Muslim leadership put all their demands till 1947 through this political party. 

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