Aligarh Movement: Background, Services and Importance

I. Aligarh Movement

Aligarh Movement: Background, Services and Importance

a. Background

  1. Post-1857 war, Muslims considered a reason for mutiny. 
  2. Economic denigration of Muslims was very poor - Poverty 
  3. Social disrespect - People were leaving Islam because the conditions for Muslims were not good and they were very far from their religion
  4. Hindus utilised the opportunity for their own gains because the majority of Hundus were Western-educated and they had good government jobs as compared to Muslims
  5. British antagonism and Muslim inflexibility because they were considered Muslims for the 1857 War of Independence. They did not follow the Western education culture.
  6. The British were afraid of Muslims. Therefore, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan advice Muslims to show aloofness
  7. They considered Muslims their enemy
  8. The economic condition of Muslims was Incapable. Therefore Sir Syed Ahmed Khan advised Muslims to follow Western Knowledge because it was the need of time. 

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b. Services

i. Literary Services

  1. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan wrote a book 'Causes of the Indian Revolt' in 1858 to correct the reputation of Muslims regarding the War of Independence. 
  2. He also wrote Tahdib ul Akhlaq (a magazine) to correct the image of Islam. In this magazine, he wrote that Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam is not incompatible with British values
  3. Long-term vision

ii. Political Services

  1. The Hindi-Urdu Controversy in 1867 related to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's that the Muslims and Hindus are two different nations.
  2. He founded the Two-Nation Theory which led Pakistan to its independence. 
  3. This ideology has created future leaders like Liaqat Ali Khan, and Abul Kalam Azad.
  4. He started opposing to Congress. He realized that Congress had worked for the interests of Hindus. 
  5. The Anglo-Muhammadan Educational Conference (AMEC) as a precursor to the All India Muslim League which helped the Muslims of the subcontinent in the creation of the new state.

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iii. Educational services

  1. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan has established the foundation of Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College (MAO College)
  2. He also established The Anglo-Muhammadan Educational Conference (AMEC) in 1886
  3. Aligarh University was founded in 1920 after Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s death. This university is made because of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s educational branches and institutions.

iv. Economic Services

  1. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan allowed Muslims to achieve better jobs because of his education system. 
  2. His most important service was to give access to Western Education to the Muslims due to which they became close to the British. As a result, the Muslims got job opportunities in the British government and them stable economically.
  3. He always said "Ignorance is the mother of poverty" which means the Muslims should not let any opportunity from their hands. They have the same right to be economically stable as Hindus. 

c. Importance

  1. the creation of Two-Nation theory
  2. Removal of mistrust from the minds of the Britishers 
  3. Political representation
  4. Acquisition of knowledge
  5. He also promoted the Urdu language in the subcontinent
  6. Because of his education system, new leaders were created which helped the Muslims in the creation of Pakistan. 

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