Analysis of Iran’s Attack Israel: CSS Current Affairs

Iran’s Attack Israel 

Analysis of Iran’s Attack Israel: CSS Current Affairs


In today’s article, we will analyze Iran’s strike on Israel and also the related developments. In the last few days, Iran’s attack on Israel has significantly increased. Iran-stricken drones and missile attack on Israel. After Iran’s attack, the situation between the two countries has been complicated. In this article, we will analyze the following points:

  • Background of the Attack
  • Iran’s perspective of attack
  • Israel perspective 
  • Scholars perspective
  • Reaction of Israel
  • Global Implications

Background of the Attack 

Iran has attacked Israel on Saturday night. In this attack, more than 300 objects were fired from Iran's side. According to Al-Jazeera, the objects included Drones, Cruise Missiles and Ballistic Missiles

This attack was considered a failure of the western part of the world. According to a report, 99 per cent of the objects were destroyed by Israel’s Iron Drom defence system. On the side, some of the missiles hit Israel’s territory as a result, three runways of their air base were affected. 

Iran’s Perspective 

  • Iranians considered this attack a huge success. The Iranians claimed that those fired objects hit 50 per cent of their targets
  • Different experts believed that this attack was successful for Iran because, since the Islamic Revolution in Iran, it was the first direct attack from Iran on Israel. Many experts believe that due to this attack, the myth of Israel's deterrence and its credibility has failed. So Iran has the capabilities to attack Israel in the future. 
  • After the Iran attack on Israel, the proxies of Iran in different regions will be significantly emboldened towards Israel because they now strongly believe that Iran can support these proxies against Israel. 
  • Iran can get popular support and boost their image within the Middle East and the Muslim World. 
  • This attack also satisfied Iran’s local population and public opinion. Therefore the government can use this attack politically and show their people that Iran has the potential to retaliate against any targets that are against them. 

Israel’s Perspective 

  • Israel considered this attack as a win for Israel. Because they claimed that their partners and defence system neutralized 99% of the attack. 
  • In future, if Israel takes such aggressive steps in the region against their enemies including Iran, so Israel will have less chance of any significant harm given by those states in retaliation to the first strike of Israel. 
  • According to some Western scholars, the Gaza conflict was making some way between Israel and the Western World but due to the attack from Iran, their bond became more strong again. Therefore the US Republicans also announced a supportive financial package for Israel.
  • Netanyahu can sell this event internally for political interests. He can claim in the future that under his leadership no state in the world can harm Israel’s territory because Israel has enough defence capabilities that they can harm their enemies. 

Scholarly Perspective

According to scholars, this attack was designed in a way that it could create a win-win situation for both Iran and Israel. Because if Iran wants to retaliate there will be significant pressure on Iran and it will harm Iran for their interest. But by retaliation, Iran knew that they didn't have the capabilities to harm Israel.

On the other hand, Israel is a major global power. Therefore Israel can harm Iran significantly. Therefore Iran wanted to retaliate without further escalating the conflict. That is why Iran’s attack was well-calibrated. Therefore, this attack was more likely a chess game.

Will Israel Respond to Iran?

  • Inside the cabinet of Israel, they have decided that they will respond to Iran for this attack. According to some experts, Israel is less likely to respond to Iran at this point. 
  • Although, Netanyahu will be the most important beneficiary if Israel retaliates. Because it will be once in a lifetime opportunity for him to attack Iran’s nuclear sites. It is generally believed that Israel wants to destroy Iran’s nuclear program but it has no solid reason to do so. This will not only beneficial for Israel but also it will be beneficial for Netanyahu politically. 
  • On the other side, America has declared itself neutral officially. They said that they would not take any side in this conflict. Therefore, many military strategists claimed that strategically Israel can't destroy Iran’s nuclear sites without the active involvement of the US. 
  • So there is a possibility that Israel will respond but not inside Iran. Rather it might carry strikes against the interests of Iran in Syria, Iraq or against the Hothies

Impacts of the Conflict 

Everybody in the world is trying to de-escalate this conflict. Although, the US and other powerful countries condemned Iran’s strikes they also asked Israel to show restraint and not go for the conflict.  Everyone knows that this conflict has major regional and global implications. 

  • The impacts will include:
  • Economic Impacts
  • Energy Impacts 
  • Global Political Divide
  • Increase in Proxy Wars
  • The concept of the clash of civilizations may arise (Conflict between Muslim and Western Worlds).


To conclude, Iran’s strikes were well-calibrated against Israel. However, most of the world including the G7 states have criticized Iran and supported Israel in that context. I think this is the reason why Iran was very much calibrated in its response to Israel. Because it knew that it had protected its national interest without annoying the international community.

At this time, Palestine has the sympathy of the world and the Western powers are gradually pressuring Israel. Therefore I believe that this is not the time to make Israel a victim, but this is the point to sell Palestine as a victim. 

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